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Go beyond the traditional beers to explore and experience our pale ales, IPAs, Porters, Stouts and Pilsners.

India Pale Ales

clean malty sweetness

This is an intensely flavorful and seasonable India Pale Ale showcasing the character and personality of six new world hops counter-balanced by a clean malty sweetness.


perfectly bitter, and malt enhanced

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Pale Ales

hops and caramel malty flavour

Seasonal Jamaican pale ale provides a delicate balance between hops and caramel malty flavour. Another pale ale option is our medium-bodied Fairway Finder, delivering toasted maltiness complemented by floral, fruity and piney notes of the best aromatic hops.


Well-hopped and darkly bold

Well-hopped and darkly bold in appearance, our porters are waiting for you. Make your own rules with this innovative and highly roasted yet mellow brew in our signature styles that include Blue Mountain Coffee Porter and Smoke Porter. Our porters are nitrogenated full-bodied dark beers, with the complex roasted malt flavours of coffee and chocolate that give a bittersweet balance with a delightful and creamy presentation.


perfectly bitter, and malt enhanced

Our stouts are perfectly bitter, and malt enhanced with undertones/layers of Jamaican coffee, hinting at a full array of caramel, toffee, and chocolate delivered straight from a nitrogen tap.

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